Ete Davies joins HeyBigMan! as non-executive director

We are delighted to share that a very good friend, and long-term collaborator, Ete Davies is joining HeyBigMan! as a non-executive director, where he will be advising on growth strategy, developing strategic partnerships and mentoring our leadership team as we take the next step on HeyBigMan!’s journey.

This comes as Ete leaves his role as CEO at Engine after two and half years of outstanding work. We want to start off by congratulating Ete on his achievements at Engine which include driving diversity and inclusion in the organisation, diversifying it’s client portfolio, building and launching new service capabilities to name a few. Ete also led Engine through notable creative work, perhaps best showcased by the award winning ‘Long Live the Prince’ campaign with EA and the Kiyan Prince foundation. Projects like this show why we’re so excited to be working more closely with Ete in the near future.

When it comes to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our industry, collaboration between us is nothing new. In 2019, Ete Davies and HBM founding director Mark Bennet co-founded Culture Heroes, a platform working to change the face of leadership in the creative industry. A 2021 report by Green Park Consultancy found that only 3.4% of the Chair, CFO and CEO positions at FTSE-100 companies are held by black and ethnic minorities. This is a dire reality and our shared vision for Culture Heroes is to empower the next generation of POC and multi-ethnic talent to not only get on the ladder, but to thrive and make it to the highest positions in creative businesses. A clear objective for us to address the current situation is to see 25% of C-Suite positions in our industry held by black and ethnic minority leaders in 5 years. Beyond Culture Heroes, Ete also had a major hand in our project with Hackney Wick FC and Nike which stands as some of our proudest work and really shows what HBM is about.

Ete’s track record of pushing the industry forward speaks for itself. The fact we now have an opportunity to put more time into our shared endeavours is something we want to celebrate. The future is looking bright and we can’t wait to shake things up and create a real, lasting impact in the areas that matter most to us, whether that’s environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion or wider social good projects. We’re looking forward to the work we put out and working alongside those in the industry who have a purpose and vision that aligns with ours.



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